Visual Decolonization of Futures

Image Source: Ikiré Jones Note: Lekan Jeyifo (b. Nigeria) and Walé Oyéjidé (b. Nigeria, 1981) – “Johannesburg 2081 A.D”, Africa 2081 A.D. series, 2014. Digital print.

Have you ever felt uncomfortable or unrepresented when you encounter images in Futures Studies? Have you ever thought about who and what this visual language represents or benefits? Sometimes these images are rooted in colonialism, and we don’t even notice this influence.

However, breaking with hegemonic discourses is essential when using images in Futures Studies. It is time to connect with other forms of thinking, to become a plural society, and to hear other voices. It’s the moment to build different ways of being and getting involved with the world.

This is worth reflecting on, as Decolonization is a worldwide phenomenon – from Australia to Hawaii, from the Philippines to Argentina. It is a pivotal moment in human history where we have the opportunity to make the language of Futures Studies more universal and inclusive through images.

Visual Decolonization of Futures

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