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Another Billionaire’s Plan to Rebuild Social Media

 Last year, McCourt founded the nonprofit Project Liberty, a bold-bordering-on-improbable project to fix the internet. And on Monday, he announced his intention to step down from his chief executive position at McCourt Global to devote most of his time to the cause. “Tech is such a big important part of our lives. It should be optimised […]

The Age of Social Media Is Ending

Social media turned you, me, and everyone into broadcasters (if aspirational ones). The results have been disastrous but also highly pleasurable, not to mention massively profitable—a catastrophic combination.

The terms social network and social media are used interchangeably now, but they shouldn’t be. A social network is an idle, inactive system—a Rolodex of contacts, a notebook of sales targets, a yearbook of possible soul mates.

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