Good Future Female Members & Supporters Meeting Summary – 12-12-22

Hi there fellow Good Future Females! We are so glad to have held our first Good Future Females meeting! Here is a summary of the key points that we discussed. Key themes: As women, we care very deeply about people, about communities, societies and the future generations. Education was the core topic of our discussion. […]

A conversation with Gerd Leonhard and Mathias Sundin – Warp Institute

Mathias runs Warp News https://www.warpnews.org/ “If someone said ”you are worthless” several times a day, how would it affect you? It would probably make you feel pretty lousy. Now think of the news media that you and everyone else consume. How do the constant negative headlines affect your perception of reality? Most people have a […]

A conversation with Gerd Leonhard and Brenda Cooper – SciFi Writer

A moving conversation on optimism, climate change, science fiction and of course — the good future ! Brenda Cooper writes science fiction, fantasy, and the occasional poem. She also works in technology and writes and talks about the future. She has won multiple regional writing awards and her stories have often appeared in Year’s Best […]

Mistrusting the Future makes it very hard to give up the past & the present – By Gerd Leonhard

In this short video I address a key challenge that often surfaces in my work with clients: the fear of the future, and a general hunch that we “can’t trust the future” i.e. that nothing good will come of it, and that there is very little we can do about it. And of course, humans […]

The Critical Importance of Positive Images for the Future — By Charles Johnston

Charles Johnston is a cultural psychiatrist as well as a futurist. His perspective has its foundations in Creative Systems Theory with it concept of Cultural Maturity, the idea that our times are requiring—and making possible—an essential “growing up” as a species.  Cynicism today is rampant. Few people hold positive expectations when it comes to the […]

The Good Future Project Members & Supporters Meeting Summary – 21-11-22

Hi there fellow Good Future storytellers! We are so glad to have met so many of you on our first call this week! Here is a summary of the key points that we discussed. Key topics that will structure our work: Climate & Environment – energy, sustainability, pollution etc. Technology & Humanity – AI, AGI, […]

How Storytelling can Change the Future: By Chris Nolan

How Storytelling Can Change The Future  – What’s Wrong and How to Fix It. Written by Chris Sean Nolan, Multiple Emmy Director, Story Expert Destination: Protopia Futuristic Barbara Marx Hubbard said, “The future exists first in imagination, then in will, then in reality.”  She added, “As you see the future, so you act and as you act, […]

Visual Decolonization of Futures

Image Source: Ikiré Jones Note: Lekan Jeyifo (b. Nigeria) and Walé Oyéjidé (b. Nigeria, 1981) – “Johannesburg 2081 A.D”, Africa 2081 A.D. series, 2014. Digital print. Have you ever felt uncomfortable or unrepresented when you encounter images in Futures Studies? Have you ever thought about who and what this visual language represents or benefits? Sometimes […]

Utopia to Dystopia to Polytopia to Eutopia – By Philip Horváth

If you have been around two year old children you have probably experienced them screaming out words in joy. They mischievously delight, especially at words they are not supposed to say. They play with words. Words have not yet become loaded with connotations and associations — especially not too many painful ones. Once we have […]

The Stories We Tell Ourselves – By Brenda Cooper

The stories we tell ourselves matter. If tell myself a story of apocalypse, I will see the frightening headlines as truths, feel the drumbeat of oppressive news scrolling across the tiny glass screen in my hand, and I’ll sense the distrust of my neighbour who is one political flag short of a full-on raving lunatic […]

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