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Day: November 15, 2022

COP27: US works on plan for companies to fund emerging nations’ fossil fuel switch

The US is working on a plan to harness cash from the world’s largest companies to help developing countries cut their use of fossil fuels, an idea it aims to unveil at the UN climate summit this week.   “US officials hope the plan will combat global warming by unlocking “tens of billions” of private […]

From nuclear power to bamboo: The climate solutions at COP27

“Green hydrogen is a zero-emissions hydrogen fuel capable of powering planes, cars and homes. It’s produced using wind and solar power, along with a high-tech electrolysis process. By 2050, cleanly made hydrogen could remove seven gigatons of CO2 emissions annually if scaled successfully, roughly 20 percent of human-caused emissions, according to McKinsey.” From nuclear power […]

Can the clean transition happen? By Azeem Azhar

“Let’s just focus on the future demands of minerals needed for the clean transition — the demand is set to grow exponentially. That is as daunting as moving a hunter-gathering species of 10 million from foraging to domestication. We have an existence proof which suggests that this rationale is flawed. We did scale agriculture all […]

‘Like Vegas, but worse’: Sharm el-Sheikh fails to charm Cop27 delegates

With its jarring mix of sun-drenched luxury resorts, overt authoritarianism, apocalyptic climate warnings and sub-Arctic air conditioning, Sharm el-Sheikh has so far proved a challenging and confounding venue for the Cop27 climate talks. … “There have been some notable rhetorical flourishes, not least from António Guterres, the UN secretary general, who has turned climate speeches into something […]

As the world’s population passes 8bn, new parents from Italy to India look to the future

In Siena, Luisa worries about social media. In Delhi, Nikita is trying to proof her house against air pollution. Here, couples who have welcomed a new child in recent months share their dreams and fears for them on an ever more crowded planet

Get out of the job rut and embrace a ‘portfolio life’

Quiet-quitting has given way to quiet-firings as many companies are quietly turning the screws on performance. Facing more volatility, companies have been using more flexible arrangements such as sub-contractors, consultants, gig-workers which means there are fewer stable jobs and no stable careers.

Visual Decolonization of Futures

Image Source: Ikiré Jones Note: Lekan Jeyifo (b. Nigeria) and Walé Oyéjidé (b. Nigeria, 1981) – “Johannesburg 2081 A.D”, Africa 2081 A.D. series, 2014. Digital print. Have you ever felt uncomfortable or unrepresented when you encounter images in Futures Studies? Have you ever thought about who and what this visual language represents or benefits? Sometimes […]

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