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The Good Future is entirely possible - we just need to make the right decisions today!


The Good Future Project (TGFP), founded by Futurist Gerd Leonhard and supported by the Futures Agency, is a global, non-profit network of like-minded individuals and creators who focus on making ‘The Good Future’ a reality.  TGFP’s concept is based on Gerd’s 2021 film ‘The Good Future’ – watch it here. 

The latest project is LookUpNow, Gerd Leonhard’s new film on the Future of Humanity in the era of AI, produced by Chris Sean Nolan.

The project’s blogs, video-channels and live-stream sessions serve as a platform for experienced contributors and as a space for planting the seeds of change, exploring what a ‘Good Future‘ might look like, and gathering momentum to making it a reality. Together,  we explore three core topics (see below) that we believe encapsulate the key challenges and opportunities, and focus our efforts on starting a movement that changes the narrative of how we see the future, and propels us to create it.

Learn more about The Good Future Project and watch Gerd’s video introduction.


Climate Change

The climate change emergency impacts all our decisions going forward – drastic action needs to be taken, and ‘business as usual‘ is over. The shift from the fossil fuel economy to the sustainable economy is the biggest challenge/opportunity of next 2 decades. Learn from and about the leaders taking decisive action.

Technology & Humanity

Explore new technologies and their impact on the human species as we are heading into a future where almost everything is possible.  Discuss and debate concepts, ideas and transformational new technologies such as transhumanism, the singularity, longevity and digital ethics as we venture into the future. Watch Gerd’s 2017 film on #techvshuman

Future-Fit Economics

Capitalism as we know it is unfit for the future. A new economic logic based on the 4Ps – People Planet Purpose and Prosperity – is quickly unfolding. Some call it ‘sustainable capitalism’ (Al Gore) or ‘inclusive capitalism’. How can we design and realise a new economy (as well as a new stock market) that goes beyond GDP, profit and growth… for the Good Future?


We believe that it is entirely possible to build The Good Future. We already have most of the tools (science and technology) to make it happen – and we are making exponential progress in many key areas such as in climate technology, genomics and life-sciences, material sciences, computing and renewable energy.  Yet, science and technology alone will not save us. What is sorely lacking is the TELOS, the wisdom, the vision and the leadership to make it happen soon, globally and  collaboratively.  The Good Future Project wants to change this.

Watch the film that started it all

Gerd Leonhard: “The future is not something that just happens to us – it is something we create every single day, by action or by inaction. Whether the future is good or bad is entirely up to us. And most importantly: As we see the future, so we act, as we act so we become! In the past few years I have noticed an increased proliferation of a rather negative view of the future – and not just because of the recent pandemic. People often cite urgent climate change issues, rising populism, the explosion of fake news, the threats of automation and fear of technological unemployment, out-of-control artificial intelligence and vexing inequality trends as proof that the future is going to be bad, and that we are right to be afraid of it. And of course, Netflix, Hollywood et al are usually pointing us in the same direction: dystopia and doom is certain! I beg to differ. This video presents my arguments. Be sure to also watch ‘The Good Future, EXPLAINED


Gerd Leonhard


Gerd Leonhard is a world-leading keynote speaker, bestselling author, and futurist focused on “People, Planet, Purpose and Prosperity” that has been featured on the BBC, The Guardian, CNN, Harvard Business Review, and Business Insider. In addition to his column on Forbes, Gerd’s worked with or presented for organizations like Microsoft, NBC, Visa, Google, the European Commission, and IBM, and has built a reputation as ‘the humanist futurist,’ which led to being named one of Wired UK’s 100 Most Influential Europeans in 2015.

Zahara Chetty

Project Manager

Zahara Chetty is a Design Thinking strategist, an aspiring futurist, polymath, teacher, writer, coach and designer who works with organisations, companies and individuals globally, to design development solutions. She started the African Futures Academy to make Future Skills more accessible and has worked with organisations such as Greenpeace, Pearson Education, The Department of Basic Education in South Africa, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Business For Inclusive Growth and The Global Opportunity Youth Network. 

The Futures Agency


Our growing team for The Good Future Project is currently funded by The Futures Agency.

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The Good Future platform seeks to become a place where diverse voices from all over the globe come together to share their creative contributions and original content in order to create a new narrative: The story of The Good Future. If you are working on something that will contribute to a lighter, brighter and more equitable future for everyone, this could be a good  place to share it. Essays and stories, illustrations, videos, films, animations, music and other art-forms are welcomed.


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