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The Good Future Project Members & Supporters Meeting Summary – 21-11-22

Hi there fellow Good Future storytellers!

We are so glad to have met so many of you on our first call this week! Here is a summary of the key points that we discussed.

Key topics that will structure our work:

  • Climate & Environment – energy, sustainability, pollution etc.
  • Technology & Humanity – AI, AGI, ethics of technology, genetic engineering, genome editing etc.
  • Future-fit Economics – sustainable economic models for the future, what the stock market is rewarding and not rewarding etc.

Our purpose is all about creating a new narrative:

We don’t have a lot of good stories about the future. Hollywood, Bollywood and social media are filled with negative stories. For us it’s about looking back at the technological advancements we’ve made, the advances in health etc. that allows people to live better and longer than ever before and then where we go from there. This new narrative is about:

  • Optimism – It’s about being stubborn, believing that it is possible. It’s about choosing to take sides in the narratives. The future is political!
  • Empowerment – Encouraging and giving the platform for people with good stories to come forward  and share them, and as supporters – amplifying these stories.
  • Inspiration – Creating inspiration through various formats of narratives – writing, posts, e-books, videos, films, events etc.
  • Change – Thinking about how we might influence lasting change in the future, for the better.

The Good Future Festival

We are thinking about bringing together proponents of the Good Future at the “Good Future Festival”, which could be a mash-up of Davos, Ted and Burning Man! Tell us what you think.

What you can do right now:

Follow us on social media:
Follow our twitter page and use #goodfutureproject to start spreading the word
Like our Linkedin Page  and share posts
Join our Linkedin Group to share ideas and thoughts
Watch our videos on Youtube and spread the word

Start sharing your stories!
Write a short piece for our website and social media channels about:

  • Why you are a project member or supporter
  • What a good future means to you and why you believe it’s possible

You can write a short blog post, a longer piece or even do a video for us. Send an email it directly to our project manager to find out more. 

Thanks for being a part of the narrative!

The Good Future Project Members & Supporters Meeting Summary – 21-11-22

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