The Good Future Project Inaugural Event Recording – 23-10-22

This event features Gerd Leonhard, Futurist, Humanist and the Founder of The Good Future Project (TGFP) and TGFP members Peter Leyden (Futurist, Berkeley / California) Puruesh Chaudhary (Futures Researcher, Pakistan), Chhavi Jatwani (Food Systems Designer, India / Italy) and Dr. Nisreen Lahham (Futurist, Cairo). Together, we explore three core topics (technology, climate change and new capitalism) that we believe encapsulate the key challenges and opportunities, […]

The Good Future Project Members & Supporters Meeting Summary – 21-11-22

Hi there fellow Good Future storytellers! We are so glad to have met so many of you on our first call this week! Here is a summary of the key points that we discussed. Key topics that will structure our work: Climate & Environment – energy, sustainability, pollution etc. Technology & Humanity – AI, AGI, […]

The Good Future Project Live-Stream Event: Why a Good Future is possible

The Good Future Project, initiated by Futurist Gerd Leonhard and supported by the Futures Agency, is a global, non-profit network of like-minded individuals and supporters who focus on making ‘The Good Future’ (TGF) a reality. TGF’s concept is based on Gerd’s 2021 film ‘The Good Future’. TGFP’s blogs, video-channels and live-stream sessions serve as a […]

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