The Good Future Project Live-Stream Event: Why a Good Future is possible

The Good Future Project, initiated by Futurist Gerd Leonhard and supported by the Futures Agency, is a global, non-profit network of like-minded individuals and supporters who focus on making ‘The Good Future’ (TGF) a reality. TGF’s concept is based on Gerd’s 2021 film ‘The Good Future’. TGFP’s blogs, video-channels and live-stream sessions serve as a platform for experienced contributors and as a space for planting the seeds of change, exploring what a ‘Good Future‘ might look like, and gathering momentum for making it a reality.

Together, we explore three core topics (technology, climate change and new capitalism) that we believe encapsulate the key challenges and opportunities, and focus our efforts on starting a movement that changes the narrative of how we see the future, and propels us to create it.

About the inaugural live-stream event

This event features Gerd Leonhard, Futurist, Humanist and the Founder of The Good Future Project (TGFP) and TGFP members Peter Leyden (Futurist, Berkeley / California) Puruesh Chaudhary (Futures Researcher, Pakistan), Chhavi Jatwani (Food Systems Designer, India / Italy) and Dr. Nisreen Lahham (Futurist, Cairo)

Following a brief introduction by Gerd Leonhard, who will explain the idea of The Good Future Project, each speaker will present for 7-8 minutes, sharing why they believe that a Good Future is possible, why it’s important (and justifiable) to be an optimist, and what gives them hope to envision and create a good future – and of course, what that Good Future could actually look like:).

More about the speakers

Puruesh Chaudhary is a futures researcher and strategic narrative professional. Her work mostly involves futures research, knowledge-collaborations and content intelligence within the framework of human security. Featured amongst the World’s top female futurists and has been recognized as Pride of Pakistan. She is a Distinguished Fellow 2015 at the Institute of Strategic Studies Islamabad (ISSI). The Center of Internet Media Ethics has honored her to serve as its Ambassador to Pakistan campaigning for quality journalism in the country; she now sits on CIME’s Board of Advisors. She is a Mentor for the UN-Habitat Youth Fund Programme and is on the Editorial Board for the Journal of Future Robot Life. She is a Member Network of Global Future Councils of the World Economic Forum on the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Chaudhary is an ASPEN Alumni, a member and an advisor to the World Futures Society and is on the Planning Committee of the Millennium-Project (Global Futures Studies and Research), she is the Founding Member of the Plurality University Network; has created the Asia Futures Network and is spearheading the Africa Knowledge Council, to bridge the understanding between the peoples of Pakistan and Africa.

Peter Leyden has spent his career figuring out the future and helping others anticipate what’s coming next. He’s a thought leader on new technologies and future trends, giving keynotes through Keppler Speakers. Leyden is a senior advisor on strategic foresight with his firm Reinvent Futures, working with a range of companies, most recently Autodesk. He’s a host and convener of physical and virtual events, most recently with The Long Now Foundation.

Leyden was managing editor of Wired magazine working with the founders in the early digital revolution. He subsequently founded two of his own media startups focused on the future. Leyden worked at the pioneering strategic foresight firm Global Business Network and is the coauthor of two influential books on the future, including The Long Boom. Leyden started his career as a journalist, including working as a foreign correspondent in Asia for Newsweek magazine. Learn more at

 Chhavi Jatwani is the Design and Innovation Lead at the Future Food Network with international experience in food design and systems thinking. She has consistently been the industry first-mover, joining the first cohorts of all her educational experiences – BA in product & Interaction design in Bangalore, Masters in Food Design in Milan, and Food Innovation Global mission in Reggio Emilia. Growing up in a developing country, her strong internal compass is guided by only one question, “What is the impact I am creating?” She entered the food world with the ambition to promote a foundational systemic shift from intensive to regenerative, centralised to decentralised, taste & convenience-driven to also health and wellbeing focused.

Dr. Nisreen Lahham  is one of the world’s top female futurists She is the Founder and Head of Futures Studies Forum for Africa and the Middle East (FSF), a non-governmental organization aiming at reconnecting North Africa with its mother continent and the Middle East, via conducting futures studies, and scanning trends

Gerd Leonhard

“People, Planet, Purpose and Prosperity” – is Gerd Leonhard’s motto. Over the past two decades he has ranked among the top 10 futurist keynote speakers worldwide, and has recently become the leading virtual speaker using his unique ‘keynote television’ style of presenting.

Since 2004, Gerd has given nearly 2,000 talks in over 60 countries, drawing an audience of more than 2.5 million people. Wired lists Gerd as as one of Europe’s 100 most influential people, and The Wall Street Journal called him “one of the world’s leading media futurists.”

Gerd focuses on connecting humanity, science, technology, business, and culture. He promotes sustainable, human-centred values and emphasizes the importance of foresight, future-ready leadership, and resilience in the face of uncertainty. He is also known for speaking out against the pitfalls of unrestrained and extractive capitalism. His acclaimed keynotes speeches (both live and virtual) are renowned for their hard-hitting and provocative style – inspiring, humorous, motivational, and sometimes even life-changing…

How you can join in

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The Good Future Project Live-Stream Event: Why a Good Future is possible

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