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The Transformation Series by Peter Leyden

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The Future History of America and the World to 2050

The introduction to a positive and plausible scenario about how we could solve our many challenges and transform our world for the better in the next 30 years

How will we ever get beyond this coronavirus crisis? How will we dig ourselves out of this economic hole? And even if we somehow do get beyond the pandemic, how will we solve mounting economic inequality? Or deal with longstanding racial inequities? Or get past our political polarization? And then how will we ever solve the unprecedented challenge of climate change?

Most of us are trapped in the anxiety-provoking present and fearful of a future that we can barely see. We find it hard to see that we might actually be part of a bigger-picture story that is much more positive and is making progress on solving all those daunting challenges. We can’t believe that we may be heading toward a better future that’s playing out over the long-term but just at a slow and steady historical pace that’s hard to detect day to day.

The Transformation Series by Peter Leyden

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