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COP27 flinched on phasing out ‘all fossil fuels’ — what’s next?

As the dangers of extracting and burning fossil fuels have become increasingly apparent, many experts, campaigners, international organisations and, increasingly, governments have contested the moral legitimacy of these activities. In a recent journal article, we argued that the Glasgow agreement represented a breakthrough (albeit a modest one) in the emergence of international anti-fossil fuel norms. […]

A Conversation with Gerd Leonhard and Tzeporah Berman –

This is the first in a new series of videos, brought to you by the Good Future Project. Watch this  really thoughtful and informative conversation with @FossilFuelTreaty ‘s chair Tzeporah Berman covering #climatechange #cop27 and the future of the fossil fuel industry, among many other topics. 

The Oil Machine: Can We Break Our Addiction to Oil?

Oil has been an invisible machine at the core of our economy and society. It now faces an uncertain future as activists and investors demand change. Is this the end of oil? By highlighting the complexities of how oil is embedded in our society – from high finance to cheap consumer goods – The Oil […]

Puerto Rican Towns Sue Big Oil –

A group of 16 Puerto Rican municipalities has sued Chevron, ExxonMobil, Shell, and other fossil fuel giants for alleged violations of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act. The lawsuit, filed last week in federal court and described by plaintiffs as a first-of-its-kind RICO case, accuses Big Oil of colluding to deny the climate-wrecking impacts of […]

What is the fossil fuel non-proliferation treaty?

Why is it needed? “For 30 years we have been making emissions reductions targets but the fossil fuel industry has been continuously expanding production,” Tzeporah Berman, chair of the initiative, said at Cop27. “We are trying to reduce the demand for fossil fuels without reducing the supply, which is like trying to cut with one […]

Climate Change from A to Z

“Climate change is not only a threat, it is above all an opportunity to create a healthier, greener, and cleaner planet which will benefit all of us,” she began. “We must seize this opportunity—we can achieve a win-win in both ecological conservation and high-quality development. . . . We need to walk the talk; if […]

Inside the Saudi Strategy to Keep the World Hooked on Oil

“Saudi representatives pushed at the United Nations global climate summit in Egypt to block a call for the world to burn less oil, according to two people present at the meeting, saying that the summit’s final statement “should not mention fossil fuels.” The effort prevailed: After objections from Saudi Arabia and a few other oil […]

From nuclear power to bamboo: The climate solutions at COP27

“Green hydrogen is a zero-emissions hydrogen fuel capable of powering planes, cars and homes. It’s produced using wind and solar power, along with a high-tech electrolysis process. By 2050, cleanly made hydrogen could remove seven gigatons of CO2 emissions annually if scaled successfully, roughly 20 percent of human-caused emissions, according to McKinsey.” From nuclear power […]

‘Like Vegas, but worse’: Sharm el-Sheikh fails to charm Cop27 delegates

With its jarring mix of sun-drenched luxury resorts, overt authoritarianism, apocalyptic climate warnings and sub-Arctic air conditioning, Sharm el-Sheikh has so far proved a challenging and confounding venue for the Cop27 climate talks. … “There have been some notable rhetorical flourishes, not least from António Guterres, the UN secretary general, who has turned climate speeches into something […]

Twice Upon A Time: Our World By 2030

Check out the latest film about the future from Gerd Leonhard. This film is a passionate call for action to everyone, and specifically to all participants of #cop27egypt – we must act now to ensure #thegoodfuture ! Implement now, have courage! “Our attitude contains our future, and the choices we make today create our future.  […]

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