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Twice Upon A Time: Our World By 2030

Check out the latest film about the future from Gerd Leonhard.

This film is a passionate call for action to everyone, and specifically to all participants of #cop27egypt – we must act now to ensure #thegoodfuture ! Implement now, have courage!

“Our attitude contains our future, and the choices we make today create our future.  We are to be architects of the future – not its victims.” Buckminster Fuller

This fast-moving and (imho) riveting film depicts two alternate #2030 scenarios: the lousy future and the good future, covering topics such as #climatechange and the challenges of exponential technological change (yes, my fav #techvshuman topics), from both angles. At the end of the film, you’ll get to vote which one you think is more likely.

Note: If you’ve seen enough dim views of the future already you can skip directly to the good future by using the 6th shortcut, below::)

  • 0:10 – Why I made this film
  • 6:15 – SKIP AHEAD to The Good Future (never mind all that bad stuff:)
  • 0:44 – Why we need to learn how ‘come back from the future’
  • 1:39 – The bad 2030 starts here
  • 2:30 – The Internet in 2030, derailed
  • 3:19 – Democracy under threat
  • 4:03 – More blah blah blah
  • 6:49 – One fried catfish (Startrek Replicator)
  • 8:59 – The revival of democracy
  • 10:18 – Sustainable is the new profitable
  • 11:23 – The future of mobility

Please go here to take the poll or see the results

More details and context:

A Word from Gerd: 

Let me start by saying that the future is not what it used to be! There have been many times in human history when the future seemed utterly uncertain, or (of course) dark and dystopian. But there has rarely been a time when so many people around the world question the future in such a fundamental way, as they do today.

The Danish philosopher Soren Kierkegaard once said that life must be lived forwards but can only be understood backwards. Well, that may have been true in 1845, but nowadays I think we must learn how to ‘remember the future’; to travel forward 7 to 10 years, and to then return with what we’ve learned …. in order to make better decisions TODAY.

Hence, I humbly present this film, taking us forward to 2030, twice: the dark and lousy future and the more heavenly one. 

You may ask: What’s the point of even envisioning a good future when the present is already such a hopeless mess? Well, I think it matters a lot HOW we think about the future – because “as we see the future, so we act, and as we act, so we become”, in the words of American futurist Barbara Hubbard.

Many thanks to Sylvain Collet (Editor and Co-Producer) and James McCabe (Scriptwriter)


  • Sad Dramatic Folk Ambient – AudioZen (via Envato)
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  • Going North (No Oohs & Ahhs) – Daniel Deuschle 
  • As the Land Sleeps – The Echelon Effect
  • Amber Light – Shawn Williams
  • Coming Home – Zachary David
Twice Upon A Time: Our World By 2030

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