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Climate Politics

Response Strategies in a Climate-Disrupted World – IFTF

This session is from the event ‘Building Climate-Positive Organizations’ hosted by IFTF Vantage, and features Dr. Elizabeth Sawin, Co-Founder and Co-Director of Climate Interactive, and Jake Dunagan, IFTF Governance Futures Lab Director. Institutions and norms are being pushed to a breaking point by failures in our basic economic, political, health, and social systems. These institutions […]

After Decades of Resistance, Rich Countries Offer Direct Climate Aid – NY Times

Several European leaders at COP27 announced funds to help poor nations recover from loss and damage caused by climate change. The United States was silent. SHARM EL SHEIKH, Egypt — For 30 years, developing nations have been calling for industrialized countries to provide compensation for the costs of devastating storms and droughts caused by climate […]

The world is missing its lofty climate targets – via The Economist

“First, cutting emissions will require much more money. Roughly speaking, global investment in clean energy needs to triple from today’s $1trn a year, and be concentrated in developing countries, which generate most of today’s emissions. Solar and wind power can be cheaper to build and run than more polluting types, but grids need to be […]

Yeah, We’re Gonna Need to Leave That Shit in the Ground

A new report from climate research organization Oil Change International has found that almost half of the fossil fuels that could come out of existing coal mines and oil and gas fields need to stay untouched, if we’re going to stop warming at less than 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels. Oil Change International researchers […]

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