What is the Future of Work ? – A 2022 Documentary By Ian Khan

What is the Future of Work ? Technology Futurist and Filmmaker Ian Khan discusses the trends shaping industries across the world. Featuring one on one interviews with leading Future of Work experts, the film is a must-watch for anyone looking at learning about where work is headed.

Experts Featured and Consulted in the Future of Work Documentary

Dr. Abagail Gilbert, Head of Research, Institute for the Future of Work https://bit.ly/3742lGn

Dr. Maureen Conway, Aspen Institute, https://bit.ly/3u86aDL

Miles Everson, Chief Executive Officer, MBO Partners, https://bit.ly/3DxW55K

Dr. Jonathan Reichental, Human Future, Author of “Smart Cities for Dummies”, https://bit.ly/3iX4Zk4

Kate Duchene, Chief Executive Officer, RGP, https://bit.ly/3uJhftX

Doug Dennerline, Chief Executive Officer, Betterworks, https://bit.ly/35vUq4l

Josh Bersin, Author & Thought Leader, The Bersin Company, https://bit.ly/3rhykdF

Carolyn Lee, President, The Manufacturing Institute, https://bit.ly/3j2fWk5

Amy Brachio, Global Deputy Vice Chair – Sustainability – EY, https://bit.ly/3wX10vO

Rick Western, Chief Executive Officer, Kotter, https://bit.ly/3K10zEF

Ian Khan, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Futuracy, Host, Producer and Director  of “Future of Work”, https://www.linkedin.com/in/iankhanfu… http://www.iankhan.com

What is the Future of Work ? – A 2022 Documentary By Ian Khan

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