Our Good Future By David Houle

As a professional futurist who has spoken all over the world and written extensively about the future, it is clear that the Good Future is where we all want to go.

I come to this worthy and important effort from two frameworks that in their own way articulate the choosing to create the Good Future. 

First, I believe that the 2020s are the most disruptive decade in history.  It is also perhaps the most historically important decade as well.  What humanity does this decade will shape the trajectory of civilisation at least through 2060 if not to the end of the decade.  It is the time to reorient our efforts toward the Good Future.  I have written six books about this decade transition from what was to what will be.

Second, I was part of the #forkintheroadproject along with Gerd and deeply believe this metaphor of the fork in the road perfectly suits the Good Future Project.  Think of a fork in the road.  One road is the one we are on, the high-speed, high-consumption super highway towards catastrophe.  The other road is to the Good Future.  Actually I think we have passed the fork in the road and are now mindlessly speeding to a bad future. 

We need to urgently build a detour from the road we are on to the one that will take us to the good future.  To say it through the rock and roll idiom, we need to get off the highway to hell and start the stairway to heaven.

All of us now alive in this unique historical moment must understand that we have the responsibility for our children, grandchildren and all the unborn to make the right choice, to change our thinking, to open the realm of new consciousness, to urgently move toward the Good Future.  It is up to us.  We do it for all of us alive and not yet born. https://the2020sdecade.com/

If we want the Good Future, we need to understand that our efforts must be driven by urgency.  For the last 50 years visionaries and futurists have been speaking to the reality we now find ourselves: a polluted planet, climate collapse, swirling debt, massive lack of trust in leaders, increasing rapid acceleration of all technology, and  rapid breakthroughs in AI and genetic engineering.  Collectively humanity has only made incremental changes.  This means that we are reacting more slowly than the threats and risks are increasing.  50 years of doing nothing to shape a collective Good Future is karma that can only be faced with an extreme sense of urgency,  We must understand that urgency of action is key.

The other thing that is key is responsibility.  We must wear the heavy burden of taking actions for all future generations.  Who among us wants our children, grand children and great grand children to live somewhere other than a good future?

Those alive now have a disproportionate historical responsibility beyond almost any time in our history.  With urgency and responsibility, we must muscle the necessary changes into effect, lead those that want but won’t do and alter the course of human history toward what could be a centuries-long Good Future.

Do we have a choice?

Our Good Future By David Houle

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