The IMF Climate Coin Revisited

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In January 2021, I published an article on the urgency for an IMF Climate Stablecoin that would offer incentives to nations to decarbonize their economy within the context of the 2015 Paris Treaty. The solution I proposed needs an update. In the interim, the idea has become less maverick thanks to, among others, the building blocks offered by Diem, Facebook’s stablecoin project, and Kim Robinson’s sci-fi novel Ministry of the Future. In the novel, Robinson introduces a carbon coin, inspired by a conceptual framework designed by Delton Chen, founder of the Global Carbon Reward Initiative. Today, the need for an IMF Climate Stablecoin has become even more pressing.


The articles will focus on the heightened rationale for an alternative monetary innovation as well as on detailed design features, coupled with a numerical backup. The articles will also impart practical implementation guidelines as well as include measures to contain inflationary misgivings concerning the construct.

The IMF Climate Coin Revisited

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