The Oil Machine: Can We Break Our Addiction to Oil?

Oil has been an invisible machine at the core of our economy and society. It now faces an uncertain future as activists and investors demand change. Is this the end of oil? By highlighting the complexities of how oil is embedded in our society – from high finance to cheap consumer goods – The Oil […]

OBI’s Climate Justice Principles

The Climate Crisis is Fueling Othering The climate crisis is a multiplier that exacerbates unjust conditions and suffering. For example, people who already are living without housing are more exposed to smoke from wildfires. The costs of recovering from hurricanes and super storms are much easier to afford for people with higher incomes and savings. […]

Critically endangered tiny gecko comes back from the brink

A species of critically endangered gecko, which is brightly coloured and the size of a paper clip, has nearly doubled in number since 2018, thanks to conservation efforts in collaboration with local residents. The remaining reptiles live in a 50-hectare patch of ancient forest, making them especially vulnerable to human activity. So in 2016, the […]

The Tyranny of Inertia

“55 vulnerable countries estimated their combined climate-linked losses over the last two decades totalled $525 billion, or 20% of their collective GDP. Some research suggests that by 2030 such losses could reach $580 billion per year.” Read those numbers again—they are astonishing (a fifth of GDP!) and there is no doubt where justice lies: the […]

Lessons from Intentional Communities – By Travis Sheehan and Dania Trejo

Feeling the frost melting after the pandemic winter in Boston, I took to the road in search of intentional communities across the Americas and Europe. I explored the eco-villages of Appalachia, ashrams of Sao Paulo, and Esoteric societies of Turin. What I found is a keyhole view into the next evolution of human consciousness and […]

Response Strategies in a Climate-Disrupted World – IFTF

This session is from the event ‘Building Climate-Positive Organizations’ hosted by IFTF Vantage, and features Dr. Elizabeth Sawin, Co-Founder and Co-Director of Climate Interactive, and Jake Dunagan, IFTF Governance Futures Lab Director. Institutions and norms are being pushed to a breaking point by failures in our basic economic, political, health, and social systems. These institutions […]

Well-being Interior Design By Nuria Munoz

Well-being Interior Design is an interior design practice with a mission to elevate the quality of life and promote wellness and happiness indoors where we live, work, learn, heal, and play. This is achieved by applying many disciplines and platforms and using research, technology, and innovative design solutions. It is key to know that Well-being […]

Climate-Smart Agriculture Needs Better Planning For Weather Aberrations

Traditional weather forecasts tell us what is likely to happen within the next 24 hours and up to two weeks ahead, whereas climate prediction tells us what will likely happen in the coming seasons, years and decades. Both weather and climate forecasts are very important to develop adaption and mitigation strategies to maximise returns from agriculture and improve livelihoods.

These smart farms are 100 times more productive than traditional agriculture

Food security is a global challenge and it’s only getting more critical, says Irving Fain, founder and CEO of Bowery, the vertical farming company using hydroponics and digital agriculture to reimagine the future of produce. “The problem we’re solving at Bowery is a problem that’s not only relevant to the cities we’re in today or to cities in the U.S., but it’s relevant to cities around the world.”

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