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Saudi Arabia set to host Asian Winter Games at Neom “in the heart of the desert”

The 2029 Asian Winter Games will be hosted at a 60-square-kilometre skiing and outdoor activity resort that is set to be completed in 2026 as part of Neom, a renewable energy-powered region under development in Saudi Arabia.

Why a festival of ideas in Nature – Gathering of Tribes?

Regeneration is about healing the story of separation, including separation between man and nature. If we are in a hermetic room, with a thick layer of civilization convenience between us and nature, how can we heal this separation? How can we talk about creating a life in harmony with nature if we are not gathering in a place where our bare feet touch the ground? (For that matter, how can we create a new society in an environment where it wouldn’t be ok to go barefoot?!)

The Shift To A Circular Economy: How Tech Is Shaping The Future Of Sustainable Retail

Consumers are increasingly pushing for sustainable business practices in retail, driving businesses to reassess what they produce — and how. From ingredient upcycling to plastic alternatives to smart trash cans, we look at the technologies placing sustainability at the center of retail products and processes.

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