Author : William Halal

From Doom & Gloom to Optimism & Hope: By William E. Halal

From Doom & Gloom to Optimism & Hope, by William E. Halal, (PhD); The TechCast Project and George Washington University. Gerd adds: Bill is a like-minded thinker, friend and fellow futurist, based in Washington DC. Check out his latest must-read book ‘Beyond Knowledge‘, and the video / live-stream event we did together last year. TechCast Research takes on the deadening […]

Why Are People So Unreasonable? By Bill Halal

It seems that almost any irrational belief can dominate life in the digital age. Liberals are cancelling those not woke, being politically correct and defunding the police – while conservatives are convinced of the big lie, anti-vaccination, and climate denial. The Knowledge Age of the past two decades was supposed to bring greater understanding and even enlightenment. […]

Talking Across Differences: A Paradigm for Raising Consciousness by William Halal

This article focuses on one of the great challenges facing all of us today – how can we resolve the raging conflicts fomented by social media?

Conflict has always been a problem, but the digital revolution has raised it into one of the great challenges of our time. Facebook and other social media platforms inherently provoke the differences that drive today’s wave of “post-factual” nonsense. Statistica reports that 70 percent of Internet users think fake news causes confusion, and 83 percent say disinformation harms politics. One analyst framed the problem this way: “In the past, wars were conducted with weapons. Now it’s through social media.”

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