Day: November 23, 2022

Inside the Saudi Strategy to Keep the World Hooked on Oil

“Saudi representatives pushed at the United Nations global climate summit in Egypt to block a call for the world to burn less oil, according to two people present at the meeting, saying that the summit’s final statement “should not mention fossil fuels.” The effort prevailed: After objections from Saudi Arabia and a few other oil […]

Taxing frequent flyers

“The richest 20 percent of people worldwide take 80 percent of the flights, according to estimates by the International Council on Clean Transportation, a nonprofit think tank. The top 2 percent of frequent fliers take about 40 percent of the flights.”   The target to reach “net zero” emissions — a point in which air […]

The Good Future Project Members & Supporters Meeting Summary – 21-11-22

Hi there fellow Good Future storytellers! We are so glad to have met so many of you on our first call this week! Here is a summary of the key points that we discussed. Key topics that will structure our work: Climate & Environment – energy, sustainability, pollution etc. Technology & Humanity – AI, AGI, […]

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