Day: November 17, 2022

What is the Future of Work ? – A 2022 Documentary By Ian Khan

What is the Future of Work ? Technology Futurist and Filmmaker Ian Khan discusses the trends shaping industries across the world. Featuring one on one interviews with leading Future of Work experts, the film is a must-watch for anyone looking at learning about where work is headed. Experts Featured and Consulted in the Future of […]

Shifting from Knowing to Being: The Secret to Thriving in a World of Uncertainty – Philip Horvath

From childhood on, we are trained to believe there is a right way of doing things – and that we better learn it, or else. In school, in university, and later in the form of job descriptions – we are always told what to do. If we don’t know what to do, it must mean […]

How Storytelling can Change the Future: By Chris Nolan

How Storytelling Can Change The Future  – What’s Wrong and How to Fix It. Written by Chris Sean Nolan, Multiple Emmy Director, Story Expert Destination: Protopia Futuristic Barbara Marx Hubbard said, “The future exists first in imagination, then in will, then in reality.”  She added, “As you see the future, so you act and as you act, […]

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