Day: November 12, 2022

Twice Upon A Time: Our World By 2030

Check out the latest film about the future from Gerd Leonhard. This film is a passionate call for action to everyone, and specifically to all participants of #cop27egypt – we must act now to ensure #thegoodfuture ! Implement now, have courage! “Our attitude contains our future, and the choices we make today create our future.  […]

A Colossal Misinterpretation – By Torben Riise

Recent polls in Europe and USA show that 45% of young people say climate change negatively impact their daily function. Worse, 75% view the future as frightening; among them, 59% believe humanity is doomed. They are being dismissed as being everything from inexperienced to fragile, but according to world renowned sociologist, Hartmut Rosa, they are […]

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