The Good Future Project

The Good Future is entirely possible - we just need to make the right decisions today!

Day: November 1, 2022

Where simulation ends and reality begins: an interview with David Chalmers

“We know that everything goes through sense perception and the exact form of how it appears to us is constructed in the brain: all perception is mediated. So the only meaningful sense in which I really do see or hear you, even in real life, is that what I am seeing and hearing is in […]

Can a frequent flyer tax could solve aviation’s carbon challenge?

“The global aviation industry is responsible for about 2.5 per cent of the world’s carbon emissions – a bigger contribution than Australia – and if the aviation industry was a country, it would be one of the world’s 10 worst polluters. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, airlines were scrambling to adopt various measures to combat emissions […]

The pleasure, the pain and the politics of a digital detox

A decade ago, smartphones would constantly ring in public; now, social norms dictate that the sound be off. Individuals, cultures and societies define when it is appropriate or necessary to put away digital devices. ‘It’s addictive,’ says a woman in her 40s. She occasionally deactivates her social media accounts and does a digital detox every summer. […]

Our Amazing Clean Energy Future Has Arrived

Its attention consumed by pandemics and politics, the world has overlooked an undeniable silver lining: the arrival of the green future. Almost without exception, renewable energy is now cheaper than that produced from fossil fuels. Prices of battery packs for electric vehicles and solar panels continue to plunge, and adoption is increasing exponentially. The 2020s […]

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