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Month: September 2022

Collapse, Renewal and the Rope of History

This article is available on What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make. A great darkness has settled on the land. As the plague enters its seventh season, a virulent new strain has emerged, threatening all our hard won gains. Once again our […]

12 futuristic cities being built around the world, from Saudi Arabia to China

With the global population continuing to increase and climate change drastically affecting our environment, many metropolises are struggling to grow, develop and even support citizens within current and traditional urban designs.

Governments, entrepreneurs and technology companies are employing some of the world’s leading architects and designers to rethink the idea of cities, as well as how people interact and live within them.

From reclaimed land, groundbreaking skyscrapers in the desert and metropolises rising in the metaverse, here are 12 incredible futuristic cities redefining the urban spaces we live in.

The World Really Is Getting Better

Today, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation released its Goalkeepers Report on global progress. Seven years ago, 200 world leaders agreed to 17 development goals, including the elimination of deep poverty and world hunger by 2030. The report finds that although the world is on track to achieve “almost none” of its ambitious goals, the planet is still better off than it was 30 years ago in almost every category.

A Swedish Company Wants to Transform Offshore Wind With Vertical-Axis Turbines

A Swedish energy company called SeaTwirl is flipping the offshore wind model on its head—not quite literally, but almost—and betting it will be able to deliver cheap renewable energy and make a profit along the way. SeaTwirl is one of several companies developing vertical-axis wind turbines, and one of just a couple developing them for offshore use.

Decolonisation: A crucial prerequisite to environmental justice in Africa

All across the African continent a colonial approach of extraction and exploitation continues to plague and paralyse economies. It pushes ecosystems to the edge and puts pan-Africanism on a back burner.

Regenerative Development: Going Beyond Sustainability

The latest improvement on sustainability is the concept of ‘zero emissions.’ Here it is not acceptable to produce just enough waste so as to not overwhelm nature’s capacity to recycle our industrial by-products. The goal is to produce our goods and services in a way that there are no wastes—so that the by-products of one industrial process become the inputs for another process. In this industrial ecology, we connect the waste streams from one industrial plant to the input channels of another, thereby turning waste into resources.

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